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We offer growth, diverse career options with an oppurtunity to influence the industry towards a more sustainable and circular economy centric direction. We help you become bolder and aim higher than what is possible today. There will always be a chance for you to learn and try something new with us.

“We offer meaningful career opportunities and in return ask for a more engaged and involved workforce who clearly understand problem solving is the key part of their role. ”


Aqua Unique is a process centric organization and we highly value the efforts and contribution of our employees

At Aqua Unique, we promise an exciting everyday life in a future-oriented entrepreneurial environment in a growing and contemporary industry that align itself comfortably towards the green shift. You get the freedom to modify a visionary business model that after "proof of concept" can be implemented in sister companies and / or into an international concept.

We believe in finding talented people who can solve the most complex challenges in water purification and wastewater treatment applications. We strongly believe that only through teamwork we can achieve the highest standards of quality and integrity. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are hardworking and want to put your personal signature on the company, we promise lucrative terms and incentives through a performance-based stock option program.

We are located in a newly furnished modern environment at Lierskogen Business Park between Drammen and Asker. Come and say hello !


Over the years, we have developed a simplified water purification concept for the private market and commercial applications. We experience that this segment is growing strongly despite the pandemic, but our current team does not have the capacity to handle inbound requests or develop this further strategically. The goal is to extract significant added value through targeted focus in a separate "Domestic / Commercial" department under our well-established brand.


You will receive professional product and sales training, but you also have the courage and patience to acquire knowledge on your own. If you want to contribute, are willing to learn and take responsibility, the job can trigger an exciting and fast career as this segment develops. You join at an early stage and have the opportunity to let this define your future, your responsibilities and your income.


We need good employees who can strengthen our project / sales department within small and medium-sized applications for water drainage, process, recycling and especially future Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions. Our focus is increasingly focused on desalination plants and energy-efficient solutions in aquaculture, hydrogen and battery production, but we will of course also continue to develop our basic segments in traditional water treatment applications.


We need a professionally skilled and commercially oriented plumber master who wants to develop our service, installation and commissioning department; possibly as a co-owner in your own business unit or partner model. As of today, we mainly use hired service engineers and plumbers, but want to cultivate this and extract a significant added value through targeted focus in a separate "Domestic / Commercial" department under our well-established brand.


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