With more than 30 years of international experience, we have built up a broad competence in water treatment for drinking and process water. The customer / reference base is very extensive and ranges from simpler water treatment plants to private, public buildings, housing associations, hotels to more complex solutions for hospitals, food production, industry, aquaculture, and waterworks. We master a wide range of technologies from media filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration (UF, MF, NF, RO), UV, AOT, O3, EC, DI, EDI to green ZLD recycling solutions aimed at industrial applications and the green shift.


Over the years, we have developed a simplified water purification concept for the private market and commercial applications. We experience that this segment is growing strongly despite the pandemic, but our current team does not have the capacity to handle inbound requests or develop this further strategically. The goal is to extract significant added value through targeted focus in a separate "Domestic / Commercial" department under our well-established brand.



  • Kick-start the department and learn the business model through direct responsibility for the design and sale of custom water treatment plants to plumbing dealers, private and commercial customers.
  • Refine concept, marketing materials, as well as physical and digital communication platforms.
  • Prepare budgets, strategy plan, milestones and be a strong driving force for further development of the organization.


  • Evaluate the establishment of internal team vs. distribution / franchise or regional partner models and implement.
  • Evaluate own installation department vs. partner models / franchise for turn-key deliveries and implement.
  • Evaluate model for financing / leasing of facilities for private and commercial applications and implement.
  • Develop new business areas within water purification with newly developed products and completely new technology.
  • Parallel distribution of selected products through chains, e-commerce, or other channels.
  • Assess the possibility of merging business areas with strategic partners.


  • Ideally, you are an entrepreneur, former business manager or senior manager who has delivered good results.
  • Very good financial understanding, cost-conscious and knows the difference between "in & out".
  • Experience with B2B / B2C, brand building, dealer network, chain collaboration, franchise, and leasing.
  • Advantage of network or experience in Electrical Engineering, HVAC, Construction, Retail / Wholesale, Technical Equipment Suppliers or similar.
  • Good technical understanding reads yourself aloud and quickly familiarizes yourself with new processes or technologies.
  • Fluent in Norwegian and English orally and in writing.


  • Strong relationship builder who only sees challenges - not problems.
  • Focus on solutions, benefits, and relationships rather than price.
  • Structured, conscientious, and used to working efficiently and independently, but is also a team leader.
  • Result-conscious and hard work with a focus on meeting deadlines and short / long-term goals.
  • Team player who likes to take on a small organization while it is being built and shows "entrepreneurial spirit".
  • Desire, ability, and energy to make your personal mark and take a direct part in future value creation.

We promise an exciting everyday life in a future-oriented entrepreneurial environment in a growing and contemporary industry that matches the green shift. You get the freedom to modify a visionary business model that after "proof of concept" can be implemented in sister companies and / or in an international concept. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are hardworking and want to put your personal signature on the company, we promise lucrative terms and incentives through a performance-based stock option program.

We are in newly furnished and modern offices, warehouses, R&D and production premises at Lierskogen Business Park between Drammen and Asker. The position is currently reported to the Founder and General Manager Per Henriksen and all applications are of course processed with the highest discretion. Send your CV, certificates / diplomas, and a description of why exactly you mean to match the profile.

Mark the subject field in the application with «Sales Manager + Business Developer» + «Full Name» and apply below.


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