With more than 30 years of international experience, we have built up a broad competence in water treatment for drinking and process water. The customer / reference base is very extensive and ranges from simpler water treatment plants to private, public buildings, housing associations, hotels to more complex solutions for hospitals, food production, industry, aquaculture, and waterworks. We master a wide range of technologies from media filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration (UF, MF, NF, RO), UV, AOT, O3, EC, DI, EDI to green ZLD recycling solutions aimed at industrial applications and the green shift.


We need good employees who can strengthen our project / sales department within small and medium-sized applications for water drainage, process, recycling, and especially future Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions. Our focus is increasingly focused on desalination plants and energy-efficient solutions in aquaculture, hydrogen, and battery production, but we will of course also continue to develop our basic segments in traditional water treatment applications. The job is extremely versatile with a very variable scope from project to project and thus we promise an exciting everyday life where routine work is normally a foreign word. Tasks will be adapted to the applicant's ambitions and qualifications, but self-learning and self-driven career development are invited.


  • Design of small / medium-sized water treatment plants (design, preparation of offers, documentation, project accounts, etc.).
  • Follow-up of customers by email, telephone, video conference and meeting, as well as inspections / project meetings.
  • Pre-engineering, budget analyzes, energy consumption and pitch of raw design with CaPex / OpEx estimates.
  • Design ZLD solutions to meet future requirements for the environment, energy, and sustainability.
  • Assist customers in preparing good applications to trigger intensives from Enova, IN and FR etc.
  • Follow up subcontractors, design management, production flow, QC / QA, and FAT.
  • Commissioning and service of facilities in relation to need.
  • Technical drawing (2D / 3D) and description of process, function, and design.


  • At least 5 years' work experience in water treatment / process / chemistry or technical subjects.
  • Experience / certificate in electrical engineering, automation, plumbing or Bachelor / master’s in chemistry process, HVAC or Industry is an advantage.
  • Advantage of networks within industry, food, the aquaculture industry, technical suppliers, and municipalities / authorities / academia.
  • Experience with PLC automation and necessary interface with customer.
  • Fluent in Norwegian and English orally and in writing.


  • Structured, conscientious, and used to working efficiently and independently.
  • Result-conscious and hard work with a focus on meeting deadlines and short / long-term goals.
  • The ability to think innovatively, interdisciplinary and contribute to product and design development.
  • Team player who is happy to take on a small organization when needed.
  • Desire, ability, and energy to make your personal mark and take a direct part in future value creation.

We promise an exciting everyday life in a future-oriented entrepreneurial environment in a growing and contemporary industry that matches the green shift. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to contribute, take responsibility, and have the qualities we are looking for, the job can trigger an exciting career.

We are in newly furnished and modern offices, warehouses, R&D and production premises at Lierskogen Business Park between Drammen and Asker. The position is currently reported to the Founder and General Manager Per Henriksen and all applications are of course processed with the highest discretion. Send your CV, certificates / diplomas, and a description of why exactly you mean to match the profile.

Mark the subject field in the application with «Project/Sales Engineer» + «Full Name» and apply below.


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