With more than 30 years of international experience, we have built up a broad competence in water treatment for drinking and process water. The customer / reference base is very extensive and ranges from simpler water treatment plants to private, public buildings, housing associations, hotels to more complex solutions for hospitals, food production, industry, aquaculture, and waterworks. We master a wide range of technologies from media filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration (UF, MF, NF, RO), UV, AOT, O3, EC, DI, EDI to green ZLD recycling solutions aimed at industrial applications and the green shift.


We need a professionally skilled and commercially oriented plumber master who wants to develop our service, installation, and commissioning department, possibly as a co-owner in your own business unit or partner model. As of today, we primarily use hired service engineers and plumbers, but want to cultivate this and extract significant added value through targeted focus in a separate "Domestic / Commercial" department under our well-established brand. It is expected that this business model combined with the offer of internal installation services will increase both competitiveness and earnings - Break-even is therefore expected within the first 6-12 months of operation.

As a partner in this model, you provide management with 30 years of international experience and an innovative forward-looking visionary approach. In addition, 30 years of international brand value, references, a full water purification concept with well-proven technology for Norwegian water qualities, marketing materials, marketing models, service agreements, organic customer leads and installation and commissioning jobs at major plants supplied by other AU companies are added.



  • Kick-start the department and learn the business model through direct responsibility for service, commissioning, and installation of new projects.
  • Refine the service concept and collaborate with the marketing department on physical and digital communication platforms.
  • Assess the need for a workshop, equipment, warehousing, service car and reporting tools.
  • Installation and preparation of water treatment plants, as well as control of component deliveries.


  • Identify opportunities for upgrading / sales of new facilities and service agreements with existing and new customers.
  • Installation of small / medium-sized water treatment plants with project / budget responsibility.
  • Develop installation department internally or through partner models for turn-key deliveries.
  • Lead and develop the business model for service, installation, and commissioning for Domestic / Commercial.


  • You are previously self-employed / senior plumber, maintenance / technical manager, plumbing engineer or similar.
  • Good experience with service / commissioning, troubleshooting and customer follow-up.
  • Practical work experience in plumbing, VA and / or experience from industry, maritime sector, aquaculture industry, plumbing, technical suppliers or similar.
  • Norwegian orally and in writing and benefit from English skills. Experience with PLC and automation with interface to customer is an advantage.


  • Result-conscious and used to working independently.
  • Love the job, the customers and stand up for your colleagues.
  • Outgoing, positive, and relationship-building personality.
  • A man of order who understands that "good input gives good output".
  • Thrives well in a small organization where everyone shows ownership and takes their responsibility from A to Z to give the customer an experience of close follow-up, quality, and a high level of service. "Quick learner" who is interested in challenges, self-development and takes the initiative to acquire himself and others knowledge through self-study.

We are in newly furnished and modern offices, warehouses, R&D and production premises at Lierskogen Business Park between Drammen and Asker. The position is currently reported to the Founder and General Manager Per Henriksen and all applications are of course processed with the highest discretion. Send your CV, certificates / diplomas, and a description of why exactly you mean to match the profile.

Mark the subject field in the application with «Senior Plumber/Service Manager/Partner» + «Full Name» and apply below.


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