Over 30 years of experience in treating challenging water

We have the needed deep technical knowledge, experienced people and specialized tools for you to meet your requirements and achieve your goals. We are committed to helping you get the most out of your entire operation. Meet with us today and tell us about your water project

“Our approach is not conventional, we are not for everyone. Our clients are the contrarians, leaders and the brave ones who take risks. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty while testing & optimizing our technologies in the field to achieve maximum safety, efficiency and reliability”


We are radical and so is the way we treat water

Over 30 years of multidisciplinary experiences in advanced water treatment applications has enabled us to master and simplify complex treatment processes. We provide our clients with the Best Available Techniques (BAT) and State-of-Art Technologies (SAT) to resolve critical water challenges and improve existing water treatment processes.

Please note that we support the updated 2030 SDGs and the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI Standards 306 (2020) & 307 Environmental Compliance, EU Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and European Green Deal agenda which can assist in unlocking finance opportunities for green growth via various Green Investment Schemes.

Reporting of these global standards increases accountability and enhances transparency on your contribution to a sustainable development. Additionally, these initiatives also help the organizations understand their outward impacts: on the economy, environment, and society. Environmental regulations will exclusively continue to sharpen, in Norway and across borders.

The winners are always those who promote and contribute towards circular economy & the green transition!


Per Henriksen

CEO | Founder


Evolution through constant innovation

Our journey started in Denmark in 1990 and since then we have gained considerable cutting-edge expertise and recognition through the establishment of 7 companies in Europe, East Africa and Central America. Since the start-up in Denmark in 1990, we have developed from the production of a single technology to today's R&D, design, production and operation of complete system solutions within drinking, process, waste and water reclamation.

The journey has been long and demanding, but also very exciting. We dare say that we have built up a fairly unique competence which combined with an extensive global network of partners has brought added value to all our clients. This extensive network enable us to lower our cost of production and make advanced water treatment economically affordable without compromising on the quality.

“Advanced Water Treatment has not been easy and we have made multiple mistakes along the way. But these mistakes has taught us valuable lessons which has enabled us to master and simplify complex treatment processes. This has helped us greatly to help our clients meet their demands and achieve their goals ”


Our development has largely been driven by a distinct entrepreneurial culture with high pace, hard work and genuine focus on customer centric approach. In addition, it is deeply rooted in the corporate culture to challenge established thought patterns and think vertically or diagonally where one usually thinks horizontally. This ingredient, along with an unwavering will to succeed with purposeful, analytical and innovative work has allowed us to achieve what others did not even think was possible. We have worked actively according to our CRS Methodology which summarizes our internal "think tanks" and "trouble shooting" culture: Challenging + Radical Thinking + Solving

Through this model, we have solved many challenges around the globe and developed new innovative and project centric green solutions with emphasized focus on the environment, better water management with lower energy footprint at an attractive ROI.


Bringing solutions to the developing countries

After establishments in Germany and Norway in the 90's, the technological development in the 2000's brought more and more advanced PLC controllers, wireless sensors, biological sensors, remote reading, seamless interface etc etc etc. We now felt that we were matured and equipped to take the step into the international market.

Based on a strategic desire to contribute & levarage our expertise in developing countries, at the same time as we were to conduct commercial operations, several markets in Asia, India and Africa were assessed. After several feasibility studies and trial deliveries from 2009 to 2012, the establisment for East Africa was made in Uganda in 2013 and later a new establisment for Central America in Costa Rica in 2017. However, these establishments proved to be more demanding than first thought.

“We are committed to helping you get the most out of your entire operation. We have the needed deep technical knowledge, experienced people and specialized tools to maximize your profitability”

In contrast to our work in Europe & First World Nations, in 2nd and 3rd world countries we have had to learn to listen to a different type of customer and develop "make shift" solutions. Here, the focus is often on solving an acute technical or societal problem in an environmentally friendly way, but with an emphasis on affordable CapEx, simplified process operation and maintenance.

This has been a deeply insightful journey and has allowed us to bring “make shift” to improve water and waste treatment processes for private, public and industrial sectors.


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